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HC orders for compelling UNOs to provide assistance to UP chairpersons

The High Court today directed the government to direct the upazila Nirbahi officials (UNOs) to provide support and the necessary guidance to individual Upazila Parishad chairpersons in the country for using the (Upazila Chairpersons of Parishad) executive powers. The court directed the concerned authorities to send out a notification to ensure that the UNOs follow the guidelines of the circular that was released on June 17, to this to this. According to the circular released from the Ministry of Local Government and rural development, as well as cooperatives According to the circular issued by the ministry of local government, rural development and cooperatives, UNOs are expected to provide support and the necessary guidance to the their respective Upazila Parishad chairpersons in exercising their executive power. The UNOs will submit all plans of Parishad's expenses and administrative decisions in front of the chairpersons. If UNO is granted the authority through